On war and love, 2006
July 15
15-07-2006 - I can’t go on reading “The Brothers Karamazov”. Ever since the war started, I keep stumbling over this passage, page 807, in the chapter called ‘The Devil’: “[...] But till that happens I am sulking and fulfil my destiny though it’s against the grain – that is, to ruin thousands for the sake of saving one. How many souls have had to be ruined and how many honourable reputations destroyed for the sake of that one righteous man, Job, over whom they made such a fool of me in old days! Yes, till the secret is revealed, there are two sorts of truths for me – one, their truth, yonder, which I know nothing about so far, and the other my own. And there’s no knowing which will turn out the better... Are you asleep?” (32,5x50)