Jours tranquilles en Palestine
Of Palestine, we know the violence and the suffering. This film tells another story : the story of a pre-Israeli society happily living on its land. Using old photographs found by the Arab Image Foundation and the voice of 5 women who were born in Palestine before 1948, the film recalls ordinary moments of life.



French, English subtitles

Author : Fouad Elkoury
Director : Sylvain Roumette
Editor : Michèle Loncol
Sound engineer : Laurent Malan
Banc Titre : Jean-Noel Delamarre
Images : Fondation arabe pour l'Image
Production : On Line

With the voices of : Leila Shahid, Jumana Husseini, Lena Saleh, Aida Shehade, Nabila Nashashibi