Lettres à Huguette
The film is about Huguette Caland, a Lebanese painter who emigrated to France in the 1970’s and later to L.A. She talks about herself and her practice. The author, a close parent of Caland, parallels her life and the crisis Lebanon goes through in 2019, followed by the pandemic that hit the country. This is an intimate film that plays with the layering of sounds and images.



French, English subtitles

Author and Director : Fouad Elkoury
Photography : Fouad Elkoury
Text : Fouad Elkoury
Videos : Malek Hosni, Ghassan Salhab, Nadim Tabet
Editors : Carine Doumit
Sound Editing and Mixing : Lama Sawaya (DB Studios)
Image Editing and post production : Hasan Haidar
Voices : Huguette Caland
Production : Fouad Elkoury