Lettres à Francine
The film is based on photographs taken during a two-year stay in Turkey and a sound-track relating the trip within the country. Interwoven with this narrative are images and conversations portraying the author’s illness, which was diagnosed upon his return. This is an intimate film that plays with the layering of sounds and images.



French, English subtitles

Author and Director : Fouad Elkoury
Images and Photography : Fouad Elkoury
Text : Fouad Elkoury
Editors : Tina Baz, Emmanuel Barrault, Pascal Cuissot
Sound Mixing : Eric Rey (UMT)
Image Editing : Emmanuel Vincent
Voices : Yasmine Hamdane, Dominique Edde, Huguette Caland, Mycal Khoury, Zeyd Khoury, Walid Khoury, Nada Zeineh, Jeanne Hilary, Christine Haie Meder
Production : Et Alors Productions & Maison Europeenne de la Photo