Re:Visiting Tarab
In 2011, under the generic name of « Visiting Tarab », Tarek Atoui invited some musicians to perform together in two separate concerts, one in New York and one in Sharjah. A few musicians also chose to take part in a preliminary research phase led by Kamal Kassar on Arab traditional music at his Foundation Amar’s premises in Lebanon. The film Re-Visiting Tarab retraces those moments, between Lebanon, New-York and Sharjah, when things were still in an early phase. Since then, more concerts have taken place around the world.



English, English subtitles

Director: Fouad Elkoury
Camera: Talal Khoury in Beirut, Pierre Emmanuel Fillet in NY, Sarah Blum in Sharjah
Sound: Rayan Obeidiyin in Beirut, Shirin Abu Shaqra in NY, Stéphane Rives in Sharjah
Editor: Isabelle Prim, Michèle Tyan
Sound mixing: Tunefork studios
Colour correction: Rosario Romagnosi
Music performed by Anti-pop consortium, Mohammad el Akkad, Mustafa Said, Robert Lowe, Ibrahim el Farran, Tarek Atoui, Um Kulthum, Ibrahim Sahlun, Sami el Shawa, Zeena Parkins, Sara Parkins, Ikue Mori, Eliott Sharp, Abdel Nabi Rannan, Moustafa Ismail, Jonathan Butcher, Bi Kidude, Sayyid Dawi, Susie Ibarra, Uriel Barthelemi, Kazuyuki Kishino
Sharjah Art Foundation - DKB Productions